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Your Incredible Innate Immunity

What happens when you get a paper cut? Right away, your body goes to work. It starts to slow down the blood flow, eventually forming a scab.

Your body knows what to do when trouble hits.

It’s no different when a foreign invader in the form of a bacteria or virus enters the body. Right away, your innate immune system can tell that this organism isn’t a part of you. Immediately, it mounts a defense against the organism.

The Intelligence of Our Innate Immune System

Though something like COVID-19 is completely new, our bodies don’t have to have encountered it before to begin attacking. Your innate immune system knows: this isn’t part of us. Let’s get rid of it! No matter what type of illness it is, your innate immune system is ready to defend you.

Your innate immunity is always quick, ready to go on the front lines. It doesn’t, however, provide long term immunity against an organism. That comes from something called our adaptive immune system. In our next installment, we’ll talk about how that works, why it’s important and why you need to maintain your immune function to remain healthy.

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Be Blessed,

Dr. William Kriva
and the Parkview Chiropractic Clinic Team

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