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Nutritional Support in Oakdale

Dr. Kriva consults with a patientWith microwavable meals and drive-thru dinner dashes it can be a challenge for many to get the nutrients they need. At Parkview Chiropractic Clinic, we want to help our patients enjoy optimal health and nutrition is a critical part of the wellness puzzle.

Lifestyle Survey & Introductory Testing

Every new patient is given a lifestyle survey, which looks at things like diet, sleep habits and what they are currently doing from a nutritional standpoint. We also provide introductory testing with a CRP D test. The CRP is an inflammation and D is vitamin D, so we test for inflammation and vitamin D levels to see where they are currently in these areas.

DNA Testing

Our new DNA test analyzes over 1500 genes and provides a genetic perspective on areas that we may need to address. This brand-new test is truly cutting edge. We don’t know any other practice that’s offering this testing right now.

Nutritional Recommendations

After getting a patient’s history, survey and test results, we make specific nutritional recommendations based upon what they need. Nutritional counseling is done through the Well Aligned Program which is affiliated with the consulting group that Dr. Kriva is part of. Dr. Ben Lerner helps to oversee the program.

Products and Information

We offer a variety of products through Well Aligned, as well as products from other companies. We also take the time to explain why we’re recommending certain products. Literature that explains the different products that we’re recommending and what they do is available too.

Chiropractic Care As the Foundation

All of our nutrition patients have to be under chiropractic care. The reason is the nervous system runs everything in the body, including the digestive tract. If the nervous system isn’t working properly the digestive tract isn’t absorbing nutrients properly. It doesn’t do any good to provide nutrition because the body can’t absorb the nutrients that it needs.

So we set the foundation with chiropractic care to make sure that the GI tract is working properly. Then the nutrition provides the building blocks, the tools that the body needs to reduce overall inflammation, decrease free radical damage and be able to produce energy.


Periodically Dr. Kriva gives workshops on chronic inflammation as well as DNA testing. The workshops are done both in-house and in the community.

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