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Parkview Chiropractic Clinic Reviews

What Our Oakdale Patients Say

At Parkview Chiropractic Clinic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Very Outstanding Patient Care!

The staff from the moment I came through the door was welcoming and professional. Dr. “D” was very good about explaining the options for care as well as the short and long-term care plans. The office personnel where equally outstanding with their professional attitude and “let’s make this work for you” approach to patient care. Parkview Chiropractic Clinic has assembled a first-rate team that puts the patient and there needs first!

Kim K (January 26/18)

From the Beginning I Have Felt Secure

I am only hesitant to be 100% sure I can be helped because SO MUCH hasn’t worked before. I have tons of confidence in the abilities of the staff at Parkview! From the beginning I have felt secure at Parkview. Everything is explained so well and I am given time to ask and have questions answered.

Diane P (December 14/16)

Very Professional

I think the office staff and the doctors are very professional. You can tell they all get along, makes each visit very pleasant. I’m glad I found your office through Dr. D giving back rubs at the Y in Woodbury.

Sue F (September 15/16)

What Specialists Couldn’t

Brought my daughter here because of back problems. I wish I had brought her here two years ago when they first started. It took Dr. D. one visit to find out what two years of specialists couldn’t!

Juli K (September 15/16)

Totally Believe In Chiropractic Care

I totally believe in chiropractic care as the first and sometimes the only place to be for pain. I know and have experienced professional care here and if another medical person or place is needed,the doctors will tell you right away no waiting, no trying this and that, no games. Love them!

Diane B (March 14/16)

Quality of Life Greatly Improved!

Thank you for taking me from constant pain and discomfort to an improved consistent state of fairly pain free days and sleep filled nights in a short amount of time. My family and friends notice the difference in me, especially my husband! My quality of life is greatly improved = win/win!! Thank you so much!

Lynn M (June 12/14)

The office staff is very professional & so friendly!

I just came along with my husband….he was suppose to be the patient & we both ended up getting led down a healthier path. Thanks!

Kathy M (Aug 30/13)

I can now face my days with energy and optimism

Kris with kidsI have always considered myself to be healthy and fit. I exercise regularly and maintain a healthy weight. But in late 2011, I began experiencing pain in my neck and back. I attributed it to growing older (I’m almost 50) and the lingering results of injuries I had suffered years ago: a minor car accident in 1985, slipping on the ice and breaking my tailbone in 1992, throwing my back out while moving in 2001 – all, as I said, more than a decade ago. For a while I was able to manage through the pain with stretching, ice and rest.

By August 2012, chronic pain had become part of my daily life, and my mobility was decreasing. Pain in my neck kept me from being able to drive at times, kept me home from work for a week, and made me an “observer” of family events. A couple of trips to the emergency room and physical therapy provided no long-term solutions, so I took the recommendation of a friend and decided to visit Parkview Chiropractic. It was during that first visit that I became aware of just how limited my physical abilities had become, and how serious they could be if not addressed. I felt like I had a partner in getting well, and looked forward to the possibility of even just a little relief.

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The difference in my condition is one I could never have imagined! I had become so used to the pain and to “making do” with my limited abilities, that being freed of that pain and stiffness has been eye-opening. My pain went from a 10+ to a 1-2; my range of motion is that of someone much younger than I, and my body feels healthier than it has in years. I’m so grateful that I tried chiropractic, because it has been life-changing.

Without the pain and limited movement I used to experience, I can now face my days with energy and optimism. My stress level has gone down, and outlook has gone up. I am better able to play with my kids and participate in social events. I see my body as a resource now, not a liability. And as I come up on my 50th birthday, I consider this one of the greatest gifts of all!

Kris O.

Hiking Without Pain

Jo-El on mountainDear Dr. Kriva,

Thank you for the gift of hiking without pain. The enclosed pictures Ken took of me hiking in Washington State. I appreciate your encouragement along with the physical healing!

Warmly, Jo-El

Managing my Health for a More Active Life

M. Swanson with dolphinMost of my life I have had many of the symptoms that I do now, including migraines, exhaustion, insomnia, chronic intense muscle pain, stiffness, jaw tenderness, anxiety, depression, light sensitivity and difficulty concentrating. I was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia in December, along with TMJ, SAD and GAD. Over the next three months I read, researched, began water pool therapy, added vitamin supplements and began breathing techniques. I had seen a chiropractor hoping to find some relief, and was told that all that could be done was an occasional chiropractic adjustment.

I was working at a Home & Garden show where I met Dr. Kriva. It was so nice to talk to a doctor who listened, understood what I was going through and was able to identify my trigger points and confirm that I was doing all the right things. I remember a few things from my second appointment with Dr. Kriva.

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The x-rays showed I had degenerative disc disease with an 8 degree curvature, and scoliosis measuring 12 degrees. He took the time to explain to me exactly what the x-rays showed, how it was affecting my fibromyalgia and what could be done to correct the issues. It has been a year now since that first visit. I manage my own care – coordinating my medications, exercises and therapies. Since having chiropractic care my range of motion has definitely improved. I need pressure applied to my trigger points less often. I know this sounds strange but my daily pain is manageable and I only experience the worst days when I have a fibromyalgia flare-up.

Over the past year I have learned how to manage my health in many ways. I am not letting fibromyalgia or any of the other conditions stop me from living. I know if I plan on doing an activity that could cause a flare-up that I need to plan ahead and schedule an appointment with Dr. Kriva after the activity to help me. I make sure I stay on track with my workouts and get to bed on time.

I truly believe that Dr. Kriva and his staff have been such an amazing asset to my life. Although I only see them for a short time each month I have experienced nothing but positive, encouraging energy from them. In the past 12 months I have gone white water rafting on the Colorado River, horseback riding, camping with my Girl Scouts, rock climbing, visited Universal Studios, swam with the dolphins, gone slalom water skiing and taken water classes (aqua gym and aqua zumba) five times a week! I have joined several online support groups and have formed my own.

M. Swanson

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