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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic focuses on misalignments in the spine-where bones go out of position in such a way that it puts pressure on the nerves coming off the spinal cord. Many problems develop as a result of the misalignments because the nervous system runs everything in the body. If you put pressure on a nerve, the area that nerve goes to can’t work correctly. Chiropractors remove that pressure from the nerve, allowing the body to return to its normal function and heal itself.

Our Techniques

We use the Palmer Package at Parkview Chiropractic Clinic. Within that are the following techniques:

  • Activator Methods®
  • Diversified
  • Palmer Upper Cervical
  • Thompson Drop

We try and match the method to the patient. That’s because different cases require a different approach from a technique standpoint. So we try and match the technique we use to the patient to achieve the best results.

This type of care starts with a thorough evaluation and examination. If necessary, we will take X-rays before we do anything so that we completely understand what we’re dealing with before we start care. Then corrective care is done in stages, with different periods of time at various frequencies of care. Each period has a specific purpose.

  • The first stage: This beginning phase is designed to get rid of symptoms-mainly pain.
  • The second stage: During this phase, the objective is to start strengthening and stabilizing the areas that have been injured or damaged.
  • The third stage: Rehabilitation is the last part of a corrective care plan. During this phase, our goal is to strengthen and stabilize the spine so that the patient can better hold their adjustments.

The purpose is to correct the underlying cause of the problem as much as possible. We also do periodic re-exams to measure a patient’s progress over time. The purpose is to show patients how they’re doing and that they’re progressing properly.

At the conclusion of corrective care, we recommend that patients transition to wellness care. Some patients may need attention more frequently than others. With wellness care, you can continue the healing process, maintain your function and optimize your overall health.

If we find during an exam that a patient has many trigger points present, then we will recommend massage therapy to help provide relief. We don’t recommend massage therapy to every patient but for the ones who need it. In terms of nutritional support, we may recommend it based on a patient’s particular complaint that they share in their case history. We also do a lifestyle evaluation as a part of our intake. If it indicates a need for nutritional intervention, that’s when we make that determination.

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