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Dr. William Kriva

My Journey

Many find it interesting that I didn’t start my career out as a Chiropractor, but as an Engineer.

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin in Madison, I spent twelve years working as an Industrial Engineer. During this time, I completed work on a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin in Oshkosh. I was established in my field with a promising future.

So you may ask, why would I switch careers mid-stream? What event or circumstance would cause me to make such a drastic u-turn in my life? To explain this I need to tell you about the health problem I had that hindered each daily activity of my life.

For seven years I suffered from Sciatica, a condition resulting from irritation of the largest nerve in the body. I had pain in the back of the leg that at times was so severe I had difficulty walking, could not sleep and had trouble even sitting at my desk. I tried many things to get rid of the pain. Nothing worked … that is until a friend told me about Chiropractic. I knew nothing about this approach to health care, but was willing to try anything to get rid of the pain. The Chiropractor relieved the pain and corrected the underlying problem. The new painless me was ready for new and exciting challenges.

Amazed and curious, I began asking a lot of questions about chiropractic care. The more I learned, the more I believed in and respected this field of natural medicine. This new knowledge, coupled with a passion to help others, fueled my decision to switch careers. With the support of my wife and four children, I left my successful engineering career and enrolled in college to become a Doctor of Chiropractic.

My Chiropractic Journey

I attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. This college was the first Chiropractic school in the world. It was establish by Dr. D.D. Palmer, the founder of the Chiropractic profession. My hard work resulted in being honored at graduation as Valedictorian of my class in 1997 and earning the Clinical Excellence Award, the John Connolly Outstanding Graduate Award and membership in the Pi Tau Delta national honor society.

During this time we also welcomed the fifth child into our family.

After graduation, I opened my office in Burlington, Wisconsin. I was finally able to put into practice my desire to help people, of all ages, alleviate a wide variety of health problems. While building my family practice, I completed a post graduate certification in Herbal Medicine from the University of Colorado School of Pharmacy and Western States Chiropractic College. I continue to incorporate herbal supplements as an adjunct to Chiropractic adjustments.

After six years in Wisconsin, an opportunity arose to return to the Twin Cities. We learned of a practice for sale in Woodbury and we jumped at the chance. Growing up in Burnsville, I was excited to return home. We sold the practice in Wisconsin, packed up the family and our belongings and moved to Woodbury.

We love being here in Oakdale!

Service to this great community is important to me. I feel the best way I can help those living here is to educate them on ways to maintain their health and prevent disease. As a member of the Center for Living Education, I donate my time and expertise by speaking to organizations of all types and sizes throughout the east metro area.

I completed a post graduate certification in Whiplash and Brain Injury Traumatology through the Spine Research Institute and California Health Sciences University. This allows me to provide state of the art care for the unfortunate people who are involved in the ever-present and all too common auto collisions so common in the metro area.

Today, as many of you can see, my enthusiasm to help entire families achieve and maintain their best possible health is stronger than ever. My passion is to educate my patients so they can make good informed decisions about their health. Health is not just being free of symptoms, but living at 100% optimum function. A friend told me about Chiropractic and it changed my life. I want to help you make positive changes in your life too!

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