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Write it Down to Sleep

Many of us at some point have those times where our brain refuses to shut off. You have all kinds of thoughts swirling around in your head. You can’t get rid of them and get your brain to shut down. You may also find yourself staring at your alarm clock, which only serves as a reminder that you’re still up. What to do?

Get Up & Set It Aside

Yes, get up and get out of bed (Dr. Kriva has used this approach himself and with his patients for years and they’ve had great results). Then get a piece of paper and a pen and write down everything that’s swirling around in your brain. This act of taking thoughts from your brain to a piece of paper and then setting that piece of paper aside tells your subconscious mind that the information is there on the paper. And it’s okay to let the thinking brain go to sleep.

Why? The brain doesn’t have to keep retaining that information anymore. Our subconscious mind helps us to fall asleep. So write it down, set it aside and you’ll find when you get back in bed you’ll be able to fall asleep. And your brain will quit running.

Check out Dr. Kriva’s video for more information.

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