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Why Are Some Organisms More Problematic Than Others?

When you hear the world “virulence,” you probably relate it to a virus. You’re not far off! It describes the unique characteristics of an organism that make it more or less likely to cause problems for us as human beings.

Why COVID-19 Must Be Taken Seriously

As shown with COVID-19, there are unique characteristics to a bug that can make it more dangerous and easier to spread. With COVID, that includes that the virus can still be spread to others when you’re asymptomatic and have no idea that you’re sick or contagious.

COVID also has the ability to trigger what is called a cytokine storm in the body, which can cause serious, even life-threatening, damage to the lungs. As a result, you can certainly say that this virus is more virulent than many others. The common cold, for example, is virulent because it can spread easily, but your body doesn’t have such a severe reaction to it, meaning it’s less virulent than COVID.

Understanding What You Can Do

The important thing to remember is that virulence isn’t something we can do anything about. It’s simply the nature of an organism; part of its makeup. Though unchangeable, when dealing with a virulent organism, there is something you still have control over: how you protect yourself.

In the next blog post and video of our series, we’ll talk about the dose load and how that plays a factor in whether you’ll develop an active infection.

Be Blessed,

Dr. William Kriva and the Parkview Chiropractic Clinic Team

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