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One of the World's Favorite Latest Buzzwords

All across the globe, people are talking about social distancing. This term has come to mean keeping a certain distance from other people to protect ourselves and others from the possible contagion of COVID-19.

How Social Distancing Can Help

By staying at least six feet away from others, you can minimize the quantity of an organism you’re exposed to, as discussed in our previous post on dose loading. This distance will decrease the chance that you end up with an active infection. An active infection occurs when an organism overcomes your body’s natural immunity, leaving you with symptoms of a sickness.

Keep Your Distance

Over and over again, distancing has been shown to be effective for the common cold, flu or COVID. The greater distance you keep, the less there can be a concentration of a particular organism in the area. Doing so reduces your possible exposure to and dose load of the organism.

It’s so successful that it’s one of the top tips given by Johns Hopkins University to protect yourself during cold and flu season.
In our next post, we’ll discuss exposure and how that plays a role in contagious disease.

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