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Lack of Sleep Can Slow Reaction Time

Ever have a day where you didn’t sleep the night before and feel like you’re slogging through the mud? Your energy is zapped and you feel physically weighed down. We know from research if you don’t get enough sleep that has a direct impact on your body’s physical reaction time.

When a Quick Reaction Is Critical

Many situations in life require you to react quickly. You may have a job that demands a fast reaction time. Or you might play a sport that needs you to respond quickly. More seriously, if you are tired that could impair your driving, making it difficult to react quickly to avoid an accident, for example.

By getting sufficient sleep, you’ll be able to react quickly when you need to-which could save your life. Always remember that drowsy driving can be deadly so never get behind the wheel if you haven’t had sufficient sleep.

You need to make sure your reaction time is as good as it possibly can be so you can accomplish the things you want to in life. It’s not fun to feel like you’re slogging through the mud. Be sure you’re refreshed and alert when you need to be.

Check out Dr. Kriva’s video for more information.

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