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How Barriers Can Prevent Infection

At the gas station, grocery store or anywhere else with a cashier line, you’ve seen them: the sheets of plastic that separate you from the store employee. They started becoming common shortly after COVID-19 arrived in the U.S., and have continued ever since.

We’ve discussed dose loading before, which is reducing the amount of an organism you’re exposed to. The idea behind those physical barriers is to reduce the dose load that you may be exposed to.

Germs, Germs, Go Away!

It’s a simple idea: a barrier will redirect any potential organisms in the air and away from the individuals who are face-to-face. By keeping things separated, you don’t get the potential to be exposed to as much of an organism and therefore will reduce the dose load.

You can think of it just like how you’re encouraged to sneeze or cough into the sleeve of your shirt at the elbow. The barrier your shirt makes reduces the dose load for everyone around you, far more than coughing into your hand would (particularly since we use our hands for so much, but rarely need to use our elbows!)

The Next Idea: Enhancing Your Immunity

Physical barriers can help a great deal, much like distancing and washing your hands. But the true key to avoiding an infection is to maintain a healthy immune system. In the following blog posts, you’ll learn about boosting your immune function and how to protect yourself from the organisms that surround us.

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