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Did You Know That Sleep Can Repair Micro-traumas?

Ever hear of micro-traumas? These are tiny injuries that take place to the tissues as we go through our normal daily activities. These injuries could be little tears in the muscle or small dings in the joints. These occur because we’re using the body’s structures during the day and the body sustains these small injuries.

The Healing Effects of Sleep

When we sleep at night we repair those micro-traumas. If you get a good 8 hours of sleep the next morning that damage that’s been caused by activities the day before has cleared up. Then you’re ready to take on the new day. But if you don’t get enough sleep at night now the body doesn’t have the opportunity to heal those micro-traumas the way it normally would.

As a result, we see problems like chronic muscle pain. Arthritis and tendinitis can show up and become problematic. People can have chronic problems like pain and dysfunction.

If you get enough sleep you will have the opportunity to avoid having the micro-traumas become a cumulative repetitive motion injury. That can lead to your inability to do the things you want to do.

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