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Clean Hands, Clean House = Less Sickness

Two things go hand-in-hand (no pun intended!) when talking about whether you’ll get sick: keeping our hands and surface areas clean.

With colds, flu or COVID-19, all organisms can live on our hands. If you rub your eyes or nose, you’ll introduce this organism to an area that it can prosper in, increasing your chances of a potential problem. Take 20 seconds to wash your hands every time you walk in the door to your home or office. Use plenty of soap and dry appropriately afterward. If you have hand sanitizer, be sure it’s properly formulated to reduce the potential of an organism remaining on your hands.

Both of these measures will reduce the possible dose load you’ll introduce to your body.

Wipe Down Surfaces

If you keep the surfaces around you clean, you’ll be less likely to pick up an organism there. Some organisms can live longer on surfaces, while others don’t have much shelf life and die out quickly. Still, cleaning areas around you means there is a reduced chance of transferring the organism to sensitive areas like your eyes and nose. These areas are particularly well-loved by upper respiratory diseases like COVID-19. Staying clean will help you control the dose load you’re exposed to.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our latest video and blog series on immunity and that you’ve gotten valuable information you can use in your everyday life.

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Dr. William Kriva and the Parkview Chiropractic Clinic Team

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