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Super hero kidFor us to function at our peak and experience optimum health, the brain and the body need to be able to talk to each other. Chiropractic focuses on the brain-body connection by removing interference with the nervous system-taking pressure off the nerves so the brain and body can communicate effectively.

Chiropractic, however, can’t necessarily address what happens inside the brain itself. We know that in many people, the cerebellum (the part of the brain that controls our movements and our ability to coordinate our movements and handles other things that run in the background) isn’t functioning properly.

Sometimes the cerebellum doesn’t develop the way it should as we go through childhood into adulthood. As a result, things that normally would be taking place in the cerebellum that help to maintain communication between the brain and the body don’t run properly. That communication then needs to be handled in the thinking brain.

What Happens When the Brain Is Overloaded?

When we put too much information into the thinking brain it can get overloaded and as a result, we often see the following issues:

  • A decrease in function
  • A decrease in the ability to remember and comprehend
  • Learning issues in children (e.g., difficulty reading, ADHD-type behaviors)
  • A decrease in athletic performance in those who otherwise could perform at a higher level
  • A drop-off of memory function or coordination problems in older people

Benefits of the Zing Performance Program

Through exercises, we can reprogram the cerebellum and make new connections in the brain between the thinking brain and cerebellum to allow these functions to move to where they belong. It’s retraining the brain-teaching it to do new things.

Zing helps to take the load off the thinking brain. The result is remarkable for people who have used this system and done these exercises. They find they can work at optimum levels and have that brain-body connection be optimized.

Here are some types of patients Zing can help:

  • Kids struggling with reading, writing, dyslexia and learning
  • Adults suffering from poor organization, low confidence and poor reading and writing skills
  • Athletes seeking to improve performance consistency, focus and concentration and emotional control and performance under pressure

A Complement to Chiropractic

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Zing Performance is a great fit and complements what we do as chiropractors. Because the program targets a part of the body that we can’t affect with our adjustment, we chose to offer it at our practice. “It has great potential to help a lot of people,” said Dr. Kriva.

How Children Can Benefit

With kids who have difficulty reading, the problem is that they can’t coordinate their eye movements needed to read the letters in proper sequence, interpret and understand them. It has nothing to do with how smart or talented they are. Instead, it has everything to do with the fact that the cerebellum doesn’t coordinate eye movement properly.

These kids have to take extra classes and are being told they aren’t working hard enough. With Zing Performance, you can reprogram the brain so the eyes track properly. The program helps kids experience huge breakthroughs in their ability to read, learn and assimilate material.

The exercises that are prescribed are specific to each person. You can get these exercises over a mobile device and do them right off a cellphone. They are done twice a day, for 10 minutes each time.

Then at each 30-day period, you redo the initial assessment and see how you’re progressing. It’s amazing to see the changes people see in these various areas that we can measure.

Wondering if Zing Performance is right for you? We’re offering a free initial assessment that’s a great opportunity to see where you are right now with respect to various functions (e.g. visual and auditory working memory). Based on that assessment we can predict where we think we can make improvements and how much we can make improvements in different areas by doing the exercises.

We also offer an eye-tracking assessment in our office (there’s a fee involved) that will allow us to see if the eyes are coordinated properly-if tracking properly. If it looks like we can help, the program is completely done online.

Is maintenance required with these exercises?

The way the program works is there’s a minimum of six months to complete the targets that are set. At six months an evaluation is done and typically another eye scan is done. Based on how someone is doing there may be several more months of modified exercises that are prescribed. A person may have reached where they need to be and can be placed on a maintenance program.

Are the changes permanent?

Yes! It’s like learning how to ride a bike. Once you learn-when you get back on a bike even after a long period of not riding it-you’ll know how to ride it. Zing Performance is like that. You don’t have to relearn it once you’ve done it.

Do you pay by the month?

No, you pay by the entire program. So once you sign up you get the full program for as long as it takes to maximize your results.

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