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Your First Visit to Our Oakdale Practice

Relaxing, Healing Environment

woman holding heartWhen people first visit Parkview Chiropractic Clinic they often describe how “warm” it feels. We try to create a relaxing, healing environment that is different from typical sterile healthcare facilities. From the minute you enter, you’ll know that we’re excited to have you as a patient in this office.

Gathering Information

We consider your first visit in our office a time for us to gather information about you and your health. Upon arriving for your first visit you will be greeted by one of our receptionists who will sit down and go over the paperwork needed regarding your health concern. When completed you will be introduced to the doctor who will perform a in-depth consultation. We want to know that we have all of the information you feel is important about your health and history. We also want to find out what your symptoms are interfering with that are most important in your life.


When this is completed, the doctor will perform an examination consisting of a variety of physical, orthopedic, and neurological tests, as well as a thorough chiropractic examination.

At this point, we decide whether it is necessary to take x-rays or not. In most cases we do utilize x-rays as often times it is difficult to know for sure the condition of your spine and joints…and we WILL NOT guess with your health. Our office has an x-ray suite on site so we will be able make that a very efficient process for you.

When the doctor is certain that all the information necessary for your case has been obtained, your first visit will be over. After all the patients are gone for the day, the doctor will sit down with all of your information and figure out what is going on with your body and how we can best help you. You will be scheduled for a special appointment for the following day to review your films and examination findings as well as get started on any necessary treatment.

The sooner you take action, the sooner we may be able to help you. Contact us and get started today!

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